Cori Martinez is an author and an experienced mentor and teacher who uses ancient and practical tools to guide her clients and students through a process of courageous self-discovery and personal transformation.

Cori draws upon NEARLY 20 YEARS of practicing, studying and teaching yoga and self-inquiry, specialized training in transpersonal and human needs psychology, as well as her own deep discovery work.


Cori’s students and clients appreciate the “realness” of her candor and humor as she bridges the most intimate teachings of heart, spirit and inner wisdom with REAL LIFE in the real world. Her focus is bringing our highest selves into everyday life – to marriage, divorce, mothering, miscarriage, career, self-doubt, etc.


This is beautifully demonstrated  in her memoir, Plus One.


Plus One was featured in Yoga Journal Magazine and is praised in online reviews for being “refreshingly real”, “brave, bold, and insightful”, “raw”, “laugh out loud hilarious” and “a gift to anyone who reads it”.



Cori’s remarkable ability to hold space for people as they move through the process of self-inquiry without judgment or criticism cultivates the perfect environment for students to uncover their own barriers and find new perspectives. Her knowledge and confidence inspire trust and openness…

which leads to big shifts fast for most of her students and clients.