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Plus One

Finding God on the Yoga Mat


Cori’s beautiful and relatable debut memoir tells the story of a woman who–while vehemently avoiding the idea of God under all circumstances–finds herself passionately inspired by the higher power she discovers on a yoga mat.


Although most of her life Cori had “associated the word God with religious, self-righteous and judgmental hypocrisy” her reflective nature, life experiences and an on-going yoga practice open her up to a new and enlightening perspective.


As a young entrepenuer with a successful yoga studio, newly married and soon to be mother living a dream-life in Hawaii,  Cori’s candor about her internal process and struggle illuminates the painful craziness many of us put ourselves through on a daily basis. –Making it often laughable (and quite relatable, if you’re willing to admit it).


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Selected for review by Yoga Journal Magazine.

Plus, here’s what well-known and respected leaders in the yoga community have said about Plus One:



“Plus One is a heartfelt book that inspires us to discover real meaning in our lives.” -Max Strom, teacher and author of A Life Worth Breathing and There is No App for Happiness
“Anyone out to live an authentic, meaningful and rich life should read this book –it will stir you up and get your heart buzzing.” –Chantill Lopez, Skillful Teaching Coach and Author of Moving Beyond Technique
“…a great read – it’s fun and deep and just feels right.” -Elena Brower, Author of  Art of Attention
“…a captivating story that will inspire you to live life with bravery and an open heart.” -Amy Ippoliti, yoga teacher and co-founder of 90 Monkeys


Online reviewers have said Plus One is:


“refreshingly real”, “brave, bold, and insightful”, “raw”, “laugh out loud hilarious” and “a gift to anyone who reads it”.


For those who pay attention to their inner lives, Plus One is an incredibly insightful and powerful read.

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Baker and Taylor

Asha Yoga-Midtown, Sacramento CA.

Avid Reader, Sacramento CA.

Copperfields Books, Sonoma County CA.

Dhyana Center, Sebastopol CA.

Makawaou Yoga, Makawaou Hi.

Yoga Centered, Hilo Hi.


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