LOVE the People in Your Life




Don’t you want to love the people in your life? Don’t you want to feel like they love you back?


But do you still sometimes find yourself feeling frustrated or slighted?  Wishing for more respect, appreciation, communication or connection? In your marriage, from your kids, your business partner, or even your co-workers?


There’s a reason for that and it’s completely within your power to change it. Here’s the deal: If you feel you aren’t getting enough of something from others, you aren’t giving enough of that thing to yourself or to them. Enough according to whom? You. You aren’t giving enough to satisfy your highest self.


And when you shift your own perspective and your own behavior, you’ll know without a doubt that this is true.


If you are ready to break through to a new level of relating to the people in your life; to a new level of loving them and to a new level of your own personal growth…this empowering approach to life is for you!


Join Cori online and in person (one-on-one by phone) in the course:

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What You Will Experience


Primarily you will experience a massive expansion of perspective, which will lead to:


  • Personal empowerment
  • Gratitude
  • Less judging
  • Less arguing
  • Clarity
  • Compassion
  • Connection

in your most significant relationships.


You will also be given  ancient and practical tools for staying conscious, clear and connected  each day, freeing you to move powerfully forward as a more effective, inspiring presence for yourself and those around you.

Thank you for giving me the tools to listen, to inquire, to see, and to share. –Kate


SIDE NOTE: Here’s what you can tell your spouse/domestic partner (which is 100% TRUE)


“I think $2,000 is a great deal if it helps me to:

  • be nicer
  • want to have sex more often
  • stop nagging or nit-picking so much
  • see from your perspective
  • stop blaming you for how I feel
  • stop having the SAME arguments over and over again
  • appreciate you more
  • hear what you’re saying without getting defensive
  • and feel better about myself.

Don’t you agree??”


And remember, this course isn’t just about your romantic relationships!

Wouldn’t it feel good to stop being annoyed with your parents and start honoring them for who they are and all they’ve given you?

Or to stop stressing about your kids and actually focus on the love you have for them?

Or to stop feeling irritated with that certain co-worker or your boss?


These are all significant relationships you can break through in this course.



How Does It Work?


This system is based on Cori’s nearly 20 years of practicing, studying and teaching yoga and self-inquiry, as well as specialized training in Transpersonal and Human Needs Psychology.


  • Cori facilitates a specific inquiry and insight practice (I ask you surprising questions and help you dig deep for insightful answers).
  • The course includes awareness practices that allow you to see & learn things you didn’t notice about yourself before and Cori helps you to apply this insight to make changes in your life.
  • Cori provides movement, breathing and meditation tools that bring your physiology into alignment with the physical, mental and emotional state you want to be in.

-All of which expands your perspective and leads you to discover the best version of yourself.


Nothing could have prepared me for the deep transformation that has taken place, an internal shift that has forever changed me. -Terry B.



Note: This is not your average online course

You will not be lost in a crowd of participants, free to only partially invest yourself and therefore limitedly gain.  This course includes 1 0n 1 support by ME PERSONALLY and requires 100% participation and follow through from you.


This course is only for those who are ready to take personal responsibility for their lives.



When you invest a financial amount that feels SIGNIFICANT to you, you’re more likely to put more energy and effort into following through. Then… WHAT YOU GET from the course increases. (Plus, you get more on-on-one support.)

We offer three payment options and encourage you to choose the one that feels do-able and yet a little scary and a lot significant for you. (If you need to pay MORE to make the amount significant- let’s work that out!)


Your Options…


PLEASE NOTE: Space is extremely limited for the benefit of all participants. Register now to reserve your space.



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When Do We Start?


FRIDAY April 10, 2015: The course opens online.  Remember space is limited and you should pre-register well in advance.

MONDAY April 13, 6:30-7:30pm PST: Our opening group welcome call with Q&A

April 20 – July 20th: Private sessions calls are to be scheduled during this time. As soon as you register, you may pre-schedule your private call sessions.

“My eyes have been opened by this experience-which is incredibly transformative. But what’s even better is that so has my heart. Thank you, Cori. For more than everything.”
-Susan T.

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