Infuse Your Life with the Spirit of Yoga…Video #2


Hi! If you missed Video 1, you may want to watch that one first.



Welcome to the SECOND video of the series:

 3 Massive Mistakes Even Experienced Yoga Students Make That Keep Them From Fully Integrating Yoga Into Their Lives


I suggest you get a journal or note pad, a cup of coffee, tea or water and ask your team, staff or family not to interrupt you for the next 15 minutes. I really believe this information is THAT important to the quality of your life– so please get ready to dive in with your full attention! :)



By the end of this full video course you will:


  • Understand how the mind works, how it keeps you from integrating your practice more fully into your life and even completely torments you at times, plus- thankfully- how you can put an end to that torturous cycle. (Video 1)
  • Learn the impact your current posture has on your life (including your emotions and behaviors), why and how you may not be addressing this issue in your regular yoga practice, and the number one alignment tip you can apply on the mat that will transform destructive posture patterns into supportive and even enlightening new patterns. (Video 2)
  • Know the crucial aspect of a complete yoga practice that most yoga students are not applying. This is something you can do at home, every day, in as little as 5-10 minutes per day. (Video 3)
  • You will learn how and why this ONE element can infuse your life with the spirit of yoga – with the clarity, contentment and connection this practice offers. (Video 3)
  • And I will demystify, simplify and correct common misconceptions about this practice and guide you step-by-step how to do it. (Video 3)


Cheers to embracing REAL LIFE!


With love,

Cori Martinez


P.S. If you get really excited about diving in deep… stay tuned for more info on the Wisdom, Skill and Grace 200 Hour Training that begins August 7, 2015 in Ojai CA.  PAY IN FULL BY June 7 TO SAVE $447 (but space is truly limited so the sooner you sign up the better). This training is all about getting to know your body, mind and highest self in a way that frees you to embrace your REAL LIFE and experience the sacred power of truly living yoga.


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