Insight & Inquiry Private Sessions

Hi! I’m so happy you’re interested in meeting!


I require a minimum three month commitment to work together privately so, before we commit to each other “long-term”, let’s meet once and make sure we’re a fit.


One FREE Mini-Session: Relationship Breakthroughs



I am currently offering a free Relationship Breakthrough mini-session because facilitating Inquiry and Insight for the purpose of transforming relationships in meaningful and fulfilling ways might be the thing I love most about my work. (And something I deeply understand from personal experience.)


These sessions are designed to address ANY relationship in your life- not just the romantic ones!

A message from one client after ONE mini-session:


“Cori gently guided me to look deeper and in a different way than I ever have before and what I found amazed me. It was just one mini session and yet afterward I felt incredible relief and openness in my body, mind, and heart. It was a surprising gift to have this dramatic benefit in such a short time and I already know much more is possible with Cori’s loving, honest, and supportive guidance. When I felt stuck in the middle of the process, Cori told me that was why she was there and, it was true, her next words allowed me to open up even further and see something I hadn’t been able to see before. I am looking forward to the world of possibilities I know are ahead…” -E.L.


If you are ready to make a change, to take personal responsibility, to see from a new perspective and start DOING things differently (which will transform not only your relationship to others but to your self and your entire life as well) then I offer you this free session as a chance to test drive how I might be able to support you.


PLEASE NOTE there are THREE steps to this process:


  1. Fill out the form below.
  2. Then immediately select a time for our approximately 45minute phone appointment from the web scheduler below the form.
  3. Be sure you are available for the call. *If you cancel less than 24 hours in advance OR are simply unavailable when I contact you at the appointment time, you will no longer be eligible to reschedule for any free one-on-one offering 🙁



Step 1

Fill out the form below thoughtfully.

Write enough to answer each question completely while being concise.

FREE Session Preparation Form

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Step 2

 Click to schedule your call.


Step 3

Please respect my time and your efforts to make a change by honoring the appointment time. Be in a private quiet space for the call and make arrangements to be un-interrupted. Please do not be driving or in any way multi-tasking.


I look forward to a productive and insightful session!


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