3 Self Built Roadblocks (Session 2)

Welcome to the three part series: Self Built Roadblocks That Prevent Generally Happy People From Experiencing the Complete Joy of Truly Loving Life


And…how to remove those blocks and fully embrace real life with love.


Thank you for investing your time and energy to be here. You’ve made a very wise decision and I promise it’ll be well worth it!


By the end of this audio series you will:


  • Understand how the mind works, how it keeps you from truly loving all aspects of your life and even completely torments you at times, plus (thankfully) how you can put an end to that torturous cycle.


  • Learn the impact your physical posture has on your ability to love your life (Surprising- right? But yes, your posture, it’s true) And I ‘ll give you 3 simple things you can do to transform destructive posture patterns into supportive and even enlightening new patterns.


  • Learn how your breathing patterns effect your emotions and your ability to love your life. Plus, I will teach you a breathing exercise and short meditation that you can use to find a more loving perspective in challenging moments or to just cultivate that energy so you have it in reserve!


  • The most important decision you have to make about your life- and the results of each choice.




You will need to refer to the following images during this session:


Posture A drawing

Posture B drawing





Now let’s get started…


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