Avoid 5 of the Most Dangerous Alignment Cues Yoga Teachers CONSTANTLY Use That Prevent Their Students From Getting Stronger, Finding Ease in Their Bodies, and Staying Safe in Their Yoga Practice

To get the most out of each session:

Be in a quiet space.

Have a little room to move your body.

Take notes (just taking them will help things sink in!)

Listen to each session in order. GO HERE for session 1 if you missed it!



Your Assignment (after listening to the lesson):


1. Think about the cues you currently use, or have heard others use. Which ones work to promote stability and mobility? Which ones don’t work (and could even lead to injury) given what you now know? SHARE in the comment section!


2. What do you think about the cue “Squeeze the shoulder blades together?” Is it a good one? Yes or no? BONUS POINTS for WHY. Share in the comment section.