I know you’re someone who genuinely desires a meaningful life sprinkled with rich and fulfilling relationships–that’s why you would end up on a site like mine, reading a blog like this. I truly believe I can help you do this (and I am endlessly driven to try) so, I know I’ve said it before, but I’m really glad you’re here.


Today I want to share a reading from my book, Plus One. I’m sharing this passage in particular because it covers a moment about 10 years ago where I was struggling internally and taking it out on my husband and my marriage (which relates to a new course I’ve just created and would like to invite you to).

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So much has changed in my marriage since the moment I’m reading about here and I credit much of this change to a shift in my own perspective. In particular, to the specific inquiry and insight practice I now facilitate that has allowed me to be more conscious, clear and connected personally and in many of my relationships.


Whereas before I could easily spiral down the path of blame (bouncing between blaming my husband and blaming myself) or I might fall into a pattern of complaining and even becoming apathetic. Now I realize that my relationships are always how they are because of me. If I change my patterns and behaviors, the relationship changes. It has to. I am 50% of the ingredients being added to the recipe.


But even more fulfilling is that if I become the person I want my friends and family and husband to be- then I no longer feel the same need to change who they are. I can now love them as they are and I end up loving myself more too.


Because now I am who I always wanted to be but tried to get them to do it for me. 


I believe that the people in our lives reflect our own qualities- and what we think we need from them is really what we need from ourselves.


I have always believed this (even as a kid my mom would tell me this) but until I began practicing this very specific inquiry and insight system about seven years ago, I couldn’t stay believing it when I was triggered. And I would get triggered a lot.


Because our most significant relationships often trigger us more deeply than any others, we usually end up being the worst version of ourselves with the people we love the most. Uhg! Is that who you want to be?


If not…I created this course to help you stop doing that.


It doesn’t feel good to treat the people we love poorly. And it doesn’t feel good to believe that we need them to change in order for us to be happy. But you know this already, right? 🙂


So if you are ready to break through to a new level of relating to the people in your life; to a new level of loving them and to a new level of your own personal growth… I want to offer this work to you.


The course is called:


Love the People in Your Life:

Personal and Relationship Breakthroughs



There’s 3 levels of participation to choose from. In short:

  • Mostly Online- 1 private phone session
  • Online Plus- 4 private phone sessions
  • Online Plus- 12 private phone sessions with additional email and phone as needed.




Obviously with so many private sessions included, space is very limited. So if you’re interested, Memo-What You think You Need From Otherstake action right away.


Have a beautiful day.