“When you feel good, you act smarter.”-Danielle La Porte (and a lot of other people too)

Don’t you agree? Isn’t that your experience? And what is life like when you’re acting smarter?

For me:

  • I am more efficient with my time
  • I am less uncontrollably-reactive and more calmly responsive in challenging situations
  • I make choices that make my life easier instead of harder
  • I could go on and on, but I won’t
  • I’m sure, if you read this newsletter, that YOGA is one thing that makes YOU feel good. Also I know you’re busy and sometimes a 75 minute practice at the studio is not always going to make the top of your priority list.

Did you know that even five minutes of practice can be brilliantly effective? I promise this is true and challenge you to try it.

I’m posting two yoga videos you can watch/practice with from home that are each FIVE MINUTE SEQUENCES. Watch/practice and see how you feel.