Don’t be afraid to believe that you’re doing great, that the choices you’ve made have been right, that the way you’ve spent your time has been perfect, that it’s all been enough, even more than enough.


The fact that you yelled, ate all that ice cream,  didn’t exercise, didn’t follow through, forgot something important, couldn’t forget, couldn’t let go, acted like a hypocrite, acted like a brat, cried, blamed, mistreated, lied, left out, lost motivation, felt depressed, felt lost… that’s all ok.

I know sometimes you think that if you give yourself this credit, if you give yourself the allowance and acceptance to believe everything you’ve done and everything you are is RIGHT, that it makes you uncaring, or it will make you a failure. I know sometimes you think that if you don’t beat yourself up over it, if you don’t feel guilty, you may never change. But this is not true. Change is inevitable. It is always happening. There is nothing you can do to stop from growing and changing. So if you want to do it differently next time, if you have goals and dreams you want to move toward, go right ahead. EXPERIENCE is what this life is all about. Embrace the constant opportunity to change, but NOT because you weren’t perfect before, just because you can.


The truth is, every decision you make, everything you say and feel and do, is ok. You work hard everyday to do what you think is right. So give yourself some credit and trust that it is. Trust that you, as you learn and grow and change and live, are doing it all just right.


With love,

Your Highest Self