This podcast is in response to a multi-part question I received from a current student about meditation. The thing is, so many of us have heard of the amazing benefits of meditation and so we get some basic tips or read something brief in a magazine or online somewhere, and then we start meditating without a full understanding of what we’re really SUPPOSED to do or expect, or how our specific approach or intention or technique determines specific outcomes.

This question came from a woman who was ready to embrace meditation, but felt unclear about some of the instruction she was getting and all of the various options available. Since I always suggest that when having a meditation practice we have a core technique, meaning, we stick with the same technique most of the time, her question was,

“What does it mean to ‘Sit with whatever comes up’ in meditation? What might ‘come up’? And how do I know what my intention should be for meditation and therefore what my core technique should be?”