Meditation may not work, it may not really provide all the benefits people claim it does. The changes people experience could be a coincidence, it could be a scam, it could be in their imagination. Or maybe it just won’t work for you. You could be different. Or maybe things just aren’t that bad for you, you don’t really need all of those benefits, your life is pretty good and what you really need is just to veg out and watch TV, or scroll through facebook, or have a drink, or eat some ice cream.


One Version of You

Well, honestly, you could do that and be just fine. Your life will not be terrible just because you never sit for meditation. But the question is, what do you really want to do? Because if deep down you want to be someone who meditates and you fall for the BS that keeps you from doing it, you’ll be disappointed in yourself. (Not that you should be, you just probably will be.) And that disappointment will chip away at you and influence your experience and perspective of yourself.

Or…you could just sit down, close your eyes, and let the sensation of breath in your chest draw you in and capture your attention. Be quiet and still. And every time your attention wanders, remember the sweetness of the breath and enjoy bringing your attention back to it. Again and again. Each time, allowing your attention to be more deeply drawn into the breath until you can’t help but smile a little tiny bit at how much pleasure this simple experience brings you.

That’s what you could do right now. And if you keep doing it, you’ll know that the version of you that resists, is not the wisest version of you.

Just do it, you’ll see.

With love,

Your Highest Self