IMG_5292Although I created this video for yoga students at my yoga studio, Asha Yoga in Sacramento CA., I think the content will be great for yoga teachers.

Watch the video FIRST.


Think about your typical cues for teaching backbends. Think about the patterns in your own body and the patterns you see in other bodies.

  • “Push the hips forward” shouldn’t be a cue and it should be a habit to break.
  • Tucking the tailbone to the point of flattening out the low back curve does not “protect” the low back, but it does lock up the spine and then we create excess effort and tension by THEN asking the spine to move because we’re doing a back bend. So excess tucking of the tailbone is not skillful.
  • Tension or compression in the lower back shouldn’t be a factor. The low back should feel long, supported and at ease.
  • Coming out of a deep backbend shouldn’t make you feel desperate for a forward bend, or vulnerable in the low back either immediately afterward OR the following day.
  • Work more in the upper back, open more across the chest (heart forward).
  • Heart forward is different than ribs forward (which is what most students will do). When the ribs jut forward, the heart actually moves back. Try it.


This is a BIG topic, and I’m just scratching the surface here. But it’s my opinion that backbends are typically NOT taught in the most beneficial way and I have a dream to change that!!! ­čśë

Try some backbends of your own and write about your experience in the comment section.



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